M&A Capability, Leadership and Culture

Frequently Unasked Questions

My boss expects me to know how to support a deal, but I have never done this before. Should I try to bluff my way through?

Bluff your way through only if you don’t value your organisation, your manager’s trust, your team’s wellbeing or your own reputation.

Couldn’t I just find some checklists online and use these as a guide? I have common sense and I’m OK to put in the hours. How hard can it be?

See answer to first question.

Can’t we just dust off the communication and integration plans from our last deal and reuse?

This would be an excellent option if you happen to be doing the same deal again.

Won’t hiring a consultant make me look like I don’t know what I am doing?

Only if you hire the wrong one or wait too long to bring them in. Most of us don’t cut our own hair. Even a doctor calls a surgeon for appendicitis. If you have even minor capability gaps, get help early and get your team up to scratch, so you can stay in charge of your destiny.

How early should I get started?

It is never too early. If your organisation has growth plans, someone is thinking about this already. If you aren’t, you and your team will be playing catch up when the crunch comes, unable to move at the speed of the deal.

At what point should People Specialists be brought into a deal?

Right from the start, assuming they bring the right level of business and commercial nous to provide strategic leadership, culture management and communication advice in support of a transaction.

I’m having trouble convincing business leaders that culture is a real issue to be tackled in preparation for an upcoming acquisition. How can I make a case?

First, undertake the work to understand the transaction and what must happen in order to capture expected value. Then, if people will be expected to work differently in the future than they do currently, you can quantify the risk of this not happening timely (or at all). This will be the foundation for your business case.

How to start

M&A Capability Review

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