Isely Associates International

It was never Karen’s intention to set up a niche advisory business. When she left her consulting firm position Karen pictured going back to her M&A roots and working as a people and culture advisor on the strategy team of an Australian company expanding internationally. In theory it appeared the perfect role.

In conversations held with Australian business leaders to test this plan, feedback was universal: “Great concept. We need that support, but not full time. Is it possible to do this for us but not be on our payroll when we don’t need you?!” Karen’s short answer: “Yes, of course I can. It is what I’ve been doing for many years.”

Isely Associates brings focus to what matters most when navigating mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructures and other disruptive business transactions.

We can be engaged as advisors, facilitators or coaches, with flexibility of terms depending on our role and the type of outcomes required. We can work on a contract, project or retainer basis, with negotiated availability at critical times always an option.

How to start

M&A Capability Review

Take this time-limited opportunity to kick start preparation for your upcoming deal. Underway already? Use this offer to check progress and stay on track.

We build organisation capability to actively manage culture, grow leaders and engage employees to deliver transaction and business outcomes. We facilitate the quick capture of expected value, while avoiding costly collateral damage. We prepare business leaders and HR teams to effectively support all stages of M&A transactions. We become a flexible extension of your team to contribute seamlessly when it counts.