M&A Capability, Leadership and Culture

Our Clients

We work with business leaders and HR teams in medium to large organisations that choose to extend their deal execution and implementation capability. Some of our clients require specialist expertise; others simply require additional resources.

What is happening in your organisation now?

Clients seek us out if they currently are acquisitive and/or if they have been in the past. Those who typically will see the most benefit from building a relationship with us expect to do multiple transactions over time and therefore are keen to build internal capability to support future deals. Our clients value both what we bring and how we deliver.

“Karen provided valuable guidance and expertise to our deal teams on several major transactions, including a complex global acquisition with challenging cultural and financial issues. I was always impressed with Karen’s high professional standards and strong client focus; her expertise in global M&A was an important supplement to our internal resources on deals.”  – Group Head of HR for Leading Australian Conglomerate

The nature of our work requires absolute discretion, so you won’t find a set of client logos on our website. However, we are always pleased to provide client references privately, as required and appropriate.

How to start

M&A Capability Review

Take this time-limited opportunity to kick start preparation for your upcoming deal. Underway already? Use this offer to check progress and stay on track.

  • Do you have a clear growth strategy that includes local or cross-border acquisitions, mergers or joint ventures?
  • How crucial is engaging your work force in order to achieve expected growth targets?
  • How well do your executive and business development teams understand the link between addressing people and culture issues and capturing expected value from your deals?
  • How much M&A experience does your human resources team have? And your line managers?
  • Do you have sufficient experienced resources to keep your business on track while also undertaking and implementing M&A transactions?
  • How prepared are you for your next deal?
  • Practical, outcome-focused advice and coaching support
  • Specialist expertise and international experience not readily available in-house
  • Access to a trusted international “go to” M&A network
  • Independent coordination of high value consulting resources
  • Tools and processes built in situ, for use on future deals
  • Organisation and team capability strengthened as a result of working side by side
  • Extension of team without adding to headcount.
  • Corporate memory proxy, to make future projects more effective.