M&A Essentials by Deal Stage


In order for an M&A transaction to be successful Strategy must be sound, Deal Execution is paramount, and Implementation must be given full consideration and resources. And critically, work on all three must begin during the Assessment Stage of any transaction. Here is a model that Isely Associates has developed to describe what happens at each of five deal stages: Assessment, Diligence, Planning, Establishment and Optimisation.

Click on the presentation link above for a brief overview of what typically happens at each deal stage.

People and Culture Risks


People and culture risks can have a profound impact on deal progress and outcomes. At each deal stage there are particular people and culture risks that shape the type of work you must do avoid or mitigate these. Click on the presentation link above to see highlights of these risks.

No investment in building leadership, communication, culture management, or people function capability should be made without a business case. In anticipation of or during a transaction, identifying these risks and the corresponding impact on deal outcomes, will help you determine where and how to best invest resources.

Never Too Early or Too Late to Start


Everyone sees M&A work through the lenses of: past transaction experiences; how they have been taught to think about mergers, acquisitions or other similar situations; and stories told by others. Because our approach is practical and we meet clients wherever they stand, our tailored support can begin at any deal stage.

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Typical Starting Points


Thinking about all of the possible ways to begin can be overwhelming, to say the least. When we look back over the years, there are some core projects that are most often the starting point for our first work with a new client.

Click on the presentation link above for highlights of projects most typical for our first engagement with clients.

How to start

M&A Capability Review

Take this time-limited opportunity to kick start preparation for your upcoming deal. Underway already? Use this offer to check progress and stay on track.