M&A Essentials by Role

Behind all successful transactions is the culmination of strong teamwork across three key teams – the Executive Team, the People Team and the Strategy/Business Development Team. We work with each of these teams separately – or in concert – to ensure they are equipped with essential knowledge, tools, and processes. Built into our approach is preparing teams to do M&A work in a way that is first class, limits ‘burnout’ and builds personal and organisation capability for the future.

No two situations are the same and we tailor every program to meet the specific needs of our clients. In doing this, we draw on all of our M&A Essentials for Preparation resources. Program components include some consideration and focus on:

  • Capability and readiness assessments
  • “M&A Basics” working sessions
  • Clear roles and accountabilities
  • Leading through transformational/complex change
  • Personal development and resilience
  • Coaching / advisory support

Executive Team Program

Executive teams vary widely in their knowledge, experience and preparedness for M&A transactions. It is important – before any action commences – to understand where your top team stands and fill any gaps. To do this we work out current capabilities and recommend a program to build from this foundation.

We work collaboratively with leadership teams to enhance their understanding of deal processes, clarify their roles and responsibilities, strengthen change leadership skills and meet any other specific gaps that are important to address.

People Team Program

Ideally, the People Function is positioned to deliver on all employee-related issues arising from M&A activity, and as such plays a critical role to minimise employee-related risks and ensure transitions are aligned, compliant and smooth. Each People Team has a different profile of M&A experience, and this profile needs to be understood ahead of any action. We partner with HR, Organisation Development, People and Culture, etc. teams to help fill gaps identified and equip them to meet expected (and sometimes unexpected!) transaction challenges.

Strategy / Business Development Team Program

Business Development teams spearhead work into often new and risk-ridden terrain to deliver growth, with their antennae highly tuned to the financial and commercial aspects of M&A deals. More sophisticated teams know the importance of extending their transaction expertise to include understanding and attention to employee-related elements of acquisitions and mergers. Whether it is to enhance the overall knowledge and skill level of BD teams, or to help them strengthen a particular element of their process – such as recognising cultural markers during early due diligence – we build a tailored programs for each unique situation.

How to start

M&A Capability Review

Take this time-limited opportunity to kick start preparation for your upcoming deal. Underway already? Use this offer to check progress and stay on track.