What would you like to learn about M&A?

I’m not much of a blogger. In fact, I’m not a blogger at all. This is my first post. Ever.

I’ve been procrastinating, thinking about all of the things that “would be” bloggers think about. Am I prepared to write regularly? Who might be interested in what I have to say? Will people read what I write?

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an M&A specialist and the founder of Isely Associates International, a niche advisory business that brings focus to leadership, culture and communication in support of making deals successful.

I bring various deal perspectives: advisor, business leader, HR professional, employee and observer, grounded in both line and corporate human resource management experience.

I’m keen to know what is of most interest to anyone who has made it to this page. Get in touch if you’re game to let me know!