Cultural Diligence in Mergers: Make it a Priority

Make cultural diligence a priority to ensure that culture enables, rather than detracts from, merger success.  These fundamentals, reinforced in content from earlier posts, are crucial in the strategy and early deal stages.

Start with culture capability

How do your executive and deal teams stack up on culture capability basics? If you can’t answer and emphatic “yes” to the following four questions work remains to be done.

  • Can every team member articulate clearly your organisation’s business strategy?
  • Can every member articulate clearly your deal rationale, strategy and approach, in the context of the business strategy?
  • Is there at least one deal team member that can communicate effectively with the others about your own organisation’s culture – current situation and future desired culture?
  • Does everyone on the team understand the effect organisation culture will have on business and deal outcomes?

It is important that deal team members know what to look out for culturally – ideally before any interactions between deal team members and a potential partner take place, Continue reading